Natrol Tropical Thin™ , Miracle mix of African Mango & Raspberry Ketones

Natrol Tropical Thin™ , Miracle mix of African Mango & Raspberry Ketones
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  • African Mango may be the answer you are looking for! With African Mango you can fight your hunger by improving your leptin sensitivity. African Mango also helps you to control hunger, enhance your metabolism, increase energy and more- all without stimulants! Clinical studies have shown an average loss of 12.3 lbs in 8 weeks! 

  • The African Mango comes from the Irvingia Gabonesis tree and is native to West Africa. The name is a little misleading since the fruit is not actually a Mango, although it is similar to the Mango that we are used to here in the U.S., and the African Mango is not only found in Africa, it can also be found in multiple other countries. The African Mango seed contains as many nutrients as the flesh of the fruit. 

  • The African mango is a unique weight-loss ingredient claiming to have the ability to help lower cholesterol and accelerate your metabolism to burn fat for weight loss. Official research performed on pure African mango extract in a weight loss capacity has repeatedly shown the benefits of African mango extract and African mango diet. Pure African Mango extract (10:1) has also been used to treat diabetes and high cholesterol. African Mango extract contains no stimulants, so no stimulant side effects to worry about. 

How can African Mango help you lose weight?

  • African Mango helps improve leptin sensitivity. Leptin is a hormone that reduces hunger signals from the brain, thereby controlling food intake. Overweight or obese people are thought to produce so much leptin that a resistance is created making the hormone less effective in reducing hunger. Imagine not having the cravings for those midnight snacks, those urges for junk food. With African Mango you can help fight those poor food choice


  • Raspberry ketones are known as a powerful supplement that helps ‘melt away fat,’ contributing to its status as an effective weight loss supplement. It helps the body burn fat collected around the liver, in addition to visceral or abdominal fat.

  • This benefit is mainly attributed to a study with laboratory mice proving that raspberry ketones assist with fat burning. The test subjects, when put on a high fat diet, lost fat after consuming raspberry ketones over a controlled period of time.

  • Raspberry ketone supplements are mainly an aid for many weight loss regimes, not a substitute for focused dieting and exercise. As long as a user combines the use of raspberry ketones with dieting and exercising, they may start seeing weight loss results at least a month after starting their regime.


Kick Start Your Diet. Lose Weight!†‡

Is your weight stuck on the scale? Could you use some tools to keep you motivated and help you achieve your weight loss goals? Natrol® has designed a cutting edge solution, Tropical Thin™ Weight Loss Plan, to help you burn fat and lose weight.†‡

Lose Up to 20 lbs in 10 Weeks†‡

  • Helps Promote Fat Burning†‡ 
  • Meal & Exercise Plan Included 
  • Clinically Validated Ingredients 
  • Featuring Coconut, Cinnamon, Kona Red™, Lychee Fruit, Raspberry Ketones & African Mango 

Helps Promote Fat Burning†

  • Tropical Thin™ Weight Loss Plan is an innovative solution to the age old dilemma of stubborn weight loss. While a healthy reduced calorie diet and exercise regimen is the key to lasting weight loss, powerful ingredients that help promote calorie and fat burning, thyroid function, and water-retention balance can help support your weight loss efforts.†‡

  • Tropical Thin™ Weight Loss Plan incorporates the benefits of such ingredients as green tea extract, capsaicin, raspberry ketones, and African mango to help ignite calorie-burning and help your body burn fat.‡

  • Emerging laboratory research has also found that EGCG works at the genetic level and may help reduce cellular triggers that promote unwanted fat.‡

Mega Fat Burners in Tropical Thin™:

  • Green Tea Extract (EGCG)
  • Cayenne Fruit 
  • Black Tea Leaf Extract 
  • Raspberry Ketones 
  • African Mango Seed Extract 

Calorie Burn Activators in Tropical Thin™:

  • Caffeine 
  • White Tea Leaf Extract 
  • Kola Nut Extract 
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 

Thyroid-Water Balance Complex in Tropical Thin™:

  • Licorice root extract 
  • Parsley Herb Powder 

Super Food Antioxidants in Tropical Thin™:

  • Cinnamon Bark Extract 
  • Coconut Water Extract 
  • Kona Red Coffee Extract 
  • Lychee Fruit Extract 

Q: What is Tropical Thin™?

  • A: Tropical Thin™ Weight Loss Plan is an innovative solution weight management. This advance weight management formula contains clinically tested ingredients that were shown in experimental and clinical research to help promote calorie-burning, body fat burning, aid thyroid function, and held water-retention balance to help support your weight loss efforts.†

Q: Should I take Tropical Thin™ with a meal? 

  • A: Yes, we recommend taking Tropical Thin™ with a meal.

Q: What is Yohimbine?

  • A: Yohimbine is the active ingredient from the bark of Yohimbe.

Q: Is it standardized to Yohimbine content?

  • A: Natrol® Yohimbe Bark features the benefit of whole herb Yohimbe, which is not standardized to Yohimbine.

Q: What is EGCG?

  • A: Epigallocatechin Gallate or EGCG is an antioxidant uniquely found in green tea as well as some nuts and fruits.†

Q; What are antioxidants?

  • A: They are vitamins, mineral, and other nutrients that protects and repair cells from damage caused by excessive amounts of free radicals generated by your body during everyday activities. Excessive amounts of free radicals can interfere with your body’s functioning.

Q: What does "Super Food" mean?

  • A: Super Food (or Superfood) is a term used to describe food with high nutrient or phytochemical content that may confer health benefits, with few negative properties such as being high in saturated fats or artificial ingredients, food additives or contaminants.

Super Food Benefits

  • Have you ever wondered if you're getting enough antioxidants? Studies show that adults need more antioxidants to help promote good health. Tropical Thin™ contains a powerhouse of super foods like green tea, lychee fruit, cinnamon, and coffee extract to help boost your body's antioxidant potential to help fight free radicals that are produced as a result of metabolic processes and during exercise.†

  • What's more, coconut water extract, thyroid and water-balance complex, and a potent blend of digestive enzymes make this an everyday supplement for all-around good health while dieting.†

Kick start your diet and lose weight with Natrol Tropical Thin™ Weight Loss Plan!†

Size/Form: 60 Capsules 

Directions: Take 2 capsules, one time daily, with a meal.

Please consult your healthcare professional prior to use if you have or suspect a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant or lactating.

test 1 Take 2 capsules, one time daily, with a meal.

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