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Enhance your Breasts Naturally

More and more women are learning that Breast Actives is the program they need to help them get the attention they deserve.

  • After you’ve responded to the breast enhancing effects of the Breast Actives program you’re sure to turn some heads when you walk into the room.

  • Some women have tried dangerous, unnatural procedures and treatments to enhance their breasts—often not getting the results they wanted and exposing themselves to potentially dangerous consequences.

  • The good news is that the Breast Actives program is a natural approach specially formulated to produce results.

Rated NO.1 Breast Enhancement Program on the Market!

  • Safe and Natural Breast Enhancement
  • Discreet Shipping & Billing Worldwide
  • No Embarrassing Doctor Visits
  • Can Enhance Your Breasts Naturally
  • No dangerous and costly Surgery
  • Turn heads when you walk in a room

Are you Embarrassed at Times

  • Many women are embarrassed because they have small breasts. They feel nervous shame when it’s time to wear a bathing suit—or wistful when they see the plunging necklines on other women’s evening dresses. Other women who used to have large, full breasts may be dismayed to find them sagging after childbirth.

  • Whatever the cause of your dissatisfaction with your breasts, you can enhance them—and your self-esteem—with the natural Breast Actives Program. It’s no secret by now that pumps are little more than expensive ways to have the same breasts you’ve always had. Many women have found surgery gives them bigger breasts, but often with a loss of sensitivity, shape, feel—and money. Dangerous, costly breast-enhancement surgery just isn’t the way for today’s woman to enhance her breasts.

  • But padded and push-up bras are no solution either. You’ll feel better knowing the breasts everyone on the street is admiring are really yours—not padding. The Breast Actives program works like no other breast-enhancing technique. It gives you all-natural, effective results—safely and inexpensively.

Finally get the Attention that you Deserve!

  • By now it seems like everyone’s heard the news about the recent incredible leaps in breast-enhancement science. Non-surgical breast enhancement has caught the attention of respected national television programs such as CNN Headline News, The Montel Williams Show, Dateline NBC, and 20/20.

  • Major-circulation national newspapers such as USA Today just can’t say enough about the benefits of the new wave of non-surgical breast enhancement techniques.

  • Breast Actives offers women a fast-acting, effective treatment guaranteed to produce more enhanced breastswithout the risks of surgery such as scars or physical reaction to the artificial breast implants.

Breast Actives - Natural Breast Enhancement Pill

  • Studies show that 70% of women are unhappy with their bust size. If you're one of these women, you've probably considered options like plastic surgery and breast implants, but those choices can be hazardous and often cost an enormous sum. Luckily there's a completey safe and inexpensive way to get breast enhancement that is 100% All-Natural and easy to use: It's called Breast Actives.

  • Breast Actives is an all-natural supplement fortified with ingredients chosen for their ability to enhance the breasts. With this revolutionary breast enhancement product you'll get is a natural supplement that can give you the enhancement you're after. No Costly Surgery or Potentially Dangerous Procedures - Just an all-natural formula that can finally give you the chest you've always wanted.

  • Naturally Supports Breast Enhancement
  • Uses Only Natural Ingredients
  • Safe and Easy To Use
  • No Pumps or Cosmetic Procedures
  • No Dangerous or Costly Surgery
  • Discreet Shipping & Billing

What Satisfied Customers Are Saying:

  • "I have tried so many different breast enhancement products and programs and you guys have the only one that helped me." ~ Tiffany, UK

How the Breast Actives Program Works?

  • The Breast Actives Program is the most powerful and natural breast enhancement program available anywhere in the world. The Breast Actives program is a natural Breast Enhancement Program with exercise techniques, natural supplements and enhancement cream that provide nutrients that you may be missing if you are not eating a balanced diet.

Is Breast Actives Safe?

  • Each individual herb found in Breast Actives is safe and has been in common use for centuries. The ingredients in Breast Actives are listed on the Food and Drug Administration’s GRAS list of safe foods. None of the herbs used in Breast Actives come with any health warnings. Breast Actives is made of plants rather than pharmaceuticals, meaning that each ingredient is similarly safe when compared to a health-promoting plant such as garlic.

Breast Enhancement Exercise Program

  • Our revolutionary and unique exercise program which has been specifically developed to help those who have small or out of shape breasts improve the health and shape of their breasts in a natural manner. Exceptional results have been reported by our delighted, satisfied clients in a very short period of time! You'll also receive breast health advise and learn everything you wanted to know about breast care...and much more!

  • Over your lifetime your breasts sag and shrink with age. This can begin as early as 25 years of age. So even if everything is fine now, things do change. The significant benefits you can achieve with our program is enough to justify starting right away.

Don't pay thousands of dollars for potentially dangerous surgery. Don't suffer the pain. Don't accept the possibility of being scarred for life. Don't accept the risk of future problems with implants. Natural breast enhancement can give you very similar results, without surgically invading your body and inserting artificial implants.

Breast Actives | Breast Gain Plus:
Proven Natural Breast Enlargement Program - Rated #1 on the Market

will bring you the following benefits:

  • Start Gaining Cup Sizes within 45 days from now!
  • Enhance your Sex Appeal and turn heads as you walk by!
  • Totally Safe To Take - No Side Effects
  • Natural Enhancement of Your Bust Line
  • Permanent Breast Enlargement results
  • No Expensive and  Dangerous Surgery
  • No Embarrassing Doctor Visits
  • Manufactured Under FDA Approved Conditions

Pueraria Mirifica Clinical Studies

  • Source : Medical Plant Research Institute Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand. The plants are commonly found in abundance in forests in the North, the West and the North East of Thailand. Active principles in this plant are found in the inter-connected tuberous roots, which look like chains of round-shaped bulbs. The shape and size of the tuberous roots are diverse and depend on the environment in which they exists.

  • There are nine species of plants in the genus Pueraria in Thailand that look alike, However, the authenticity of Pueraria Mirifica can be clearly verified from the distinct characteristics of the stamen of the flower and its hairy pod.

The tuber enable to enlarge and accumulate at least 13 known natural chemicals classified as PHYTOESTROGENS comprising: miroestrol, daidzein, genistin, genistein, B-sitosterol, stigmasterol, coumestrol, pueraria, compesterol, mirificoumestan, kwakhurin and mirificin.

  • In the East, the belief in the miraculous rejuvenating properties of Pueraria Mirifica has been passed down from one generation to another for centuries.

  • The rhizome extract of Pueraria mirifica contains " phytoestrogens " (Hormone from Plant) comprising isoflavones (daidzin, daidzein, genistin, genistein and puerarin) and others such as miroestrol and its derivatives, beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, coumestrol, puerarin, mirificoumestan, kwakhurin, mirificin, b-sitosterol, alkane alcohol, fat, and sugar.

  • It has been reported that Pueraria mirifica contains estrogenic substance miroestrol, which can be found in the dry rhizome of Pueraria mirifica about 0.002-0.003%. This substance has been proven 2 times more effective than human estrogen.

  • Phytoestrogen Pueraria mirifica is also high in phytoestrogen, substance which imitates female estrogen.

  • A series of studies involving breast cell lines and the activity of Pueraria mirifica in vitro have been performed by the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Phramongkutklao College of Medicine, Bangkok, Thailand. These studies have shown that Pueraria mirifica root extract (Smith Naturals Co Ltd., Bangkok) has potent anti-estrogenic properties against aggressive cell cancer lines in vitro, especially the proliferative estrogen receptor-positive (ER+) breast cancer lines (T47-D, MCF-7, and ZR-75-1) obtained from the MD Anderson Cancer Institute (Texas) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). Pueraria mirifica promotes fibroblasts in normal breast cells and inhibits estrogen-dependent breast cancer cells. Unpublished, 2001, Sawatsri, S., Juntayanee, B., Jitpatima, S., Boonnao, P., Kampoo, C., Ayuttaya, N., Wongyai, S. and Sidell, N.

  • According to the study conducted at the School of Medicine, Saint Mariane University, Tokyo, Japan by Kuramoshi, T. and Smitasiri, Y. about the preliminary study of Pueraria mirifica in Japanese females, 50 healthy menstruating volunteer females, ages 20 to 49, were given between 100 to 600 mg orally of Pueraria mirifica root powder daily as capsules for 7 days, two weeks after menstruation. No reports of abnormally heavy, severe, or missed menstruation were recorded.

  • Animal Test: There were reports during the year 1960-61 from the British researchers to test the effects of miroestrol; the key chemical from this herb in the ovariectomized and the premature female rats. The results showed the estrogenic effects of this chemical. It implied that the sythetic estrogen or animal estrogen or even human estrogen could be substituted by this chemical.

  • Human Test: PM root has also been tested in human and was reported in 1961 as a potent estrogen effect. The Thai medical doctor has tested the crude extract in the patients in the year 1941. The result also showed the promising application of this herb.

How Use Breast Actives

  • Take two pills daily - one in the morning and one at night. Swallow them with water or fruit juice. Apply the cream once a day at any convenient time, but around the same time every day - take a small amount on your fingertips and massage thoroughly into your breasts. Do the exercises regularly, every day as far as possible.

  • While on this therapy, restrict consumption of drinks containing caffeine (such as tea or coffee) to 1 cup per day. Avoid carbonated (fizzy) drinks. Caffeine and carbonated drinks reduce the effectiveness of the pills.

Totally Safe - No Side Effects

  • Before buying Breast Actives, you will want to know if it is safe to use. Each individual herb used in the formulation is safe and has been in common use for centuries. The ingredients are on the FDA's GRAS list (Generally Recognized As Safe), and have been selected for their safe and effective breast enlargement properties. The pills and cream are made of plant extracts and not of pharmaceutical.

Q. What is Breast Actives?

  • A. Breast Actives combines the Breast Gain Plus pills with a breast enhancement cream and a list of exercises aimed at combating droopy breasts. The

  • Breast Gain Pills were so successful at creating bigger breasts on their own that it was repackaged and improved to become Breast Actives. The combination of the pill, cream and exercise creates a clinically proven way to enhance breast size and improve breast shape. It is the fastest acting, most effective and most comprehensive way to bigger boobs.

Q. Does Breast Actives really work?

  • A. The short answer is Yes. It is created by a well respected herbal company who has helped thousands of women with small breasts. After taking Breast Actives they are more confident and clothes fit them much better.

Q. Will my breasts get too big?

  • A. Breasts Actives work to give you firmer, fuller breasts that are comfortable for your size. Your body knows how much is too much so you should not become overdeveloped.

Q. How can I measure how much I’ve grown?

  • A. You could use a tape measure, but this is not the best way. Breast Actives recommends buying a test bra with a snug fit. Then try this on again every two or three weeks to see how tight it is feeling.

Q. Can I just improve the shape of my breasts?

  • A. Yes, Breast Actives is great at making your breasts perkier and firmer.

Q. What other advantages are there to taking Breast Actives?

A. In an exciting new study we have discovered that some of the herbs used in Breast Actives are actually anti-carcinogenic which mean they block cancer cells. Although it is still early days in the study, Breast Actives has been shown to help reduce both breast cancer and uterine cancer cells. Thanks to the holistic herbs in the pills and cream, users will also benefit from:

  • a decreased risk of strokes and heart disease
  • an improvement in libido and sexual energy
  • a reduction in menopausal symptoms i.e. hot flushes, incontinence, weight gain, irritability and irregular periods
  • a reduction in PMT symptoms i.e. bloating, mood swings, cramps, cravings and depression
  • lower cholesterol
  • improvement of glucose tolerance in diabetics
  • protection against osteoporosis
  • a feeling of happiness and well being
  • regular bowels
  • weight loss

Q. Is Breast Actives safe and are there any side effects?

  • A. Yes, Breast Actives and all of its ingredients are completely safe to use. However, anybody with underlying medical issues or who are taking any other kinds of drugs should check with their doctor before using Breast Actives. Some women have complained of slight constipation and a few loose stools in the first few days of using Breast Actives. However, this should disappear once your body has taken to the new herbs introduced to it. It is very rare to have a mild allergic reaction in the form of a skin rash. If this occurs, stop using the product.

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